Your Guide To Creating An Instagram Story Photo Collage

Typically, you can add only one photo in one frame to an Instagram story, post, or Reel. What if you want to include many stack photos in one frame? For that, you will need to make a photo collage. Let’s review numerous approaches to construct a picture collage for an Instagram story, post, and Reels for Android and iPhone.

Using “Stickers” on Instagram is possibly the greatest approach to make a collage if you want absolute control over its design. When you go into “Your Story” and choose the “Stickers” option, you get to pick and modify your background and pick or create photographs for the college. The biggest Merit of this method is that there are no constraints on the number of photos you can include in your collage. Rotate them, resize them, shift them, and overlap them to your heart’s pleasure. You can produce some fantastic collages!

How to Create Photo Collage on Instagram

1. Using the Layout Feature

The Instagram app offers a native option to make picture collages on both Android and iOS. This feature is accessible via the Story screen.

Open the screen where you create a new narrative. From the available options, select the Layout icon. The Grid option is located directly beneath the Layout option. To change the collage style, tap on it.

Once you’ve chosen a frame, you may either take new images or upload existing ones. To do so, hit the Gallery icon at the bottom and select your photo. Please keep in mind that the photographs will be uploaded in a clockwise direction. As such, adjust accordingly. After adding the images, press on them to get the remove option. To reposition the photo, touch and hold it and drag it to a new box.

This method has many disadvantages, including the inability to create video collages and adjust the borders.

2. Using the Layout Application

Apart from the integrated collage feature, Instagram also has a separate college app for Android and iOS. Known as Layout from Instagram, this app fills in the gaps left by Instagram’s native Layout feature. For example, it includes several grid layouts, mirror or rotate the image, instantly update the image, and add or remove borders. You can even use movements to magnify the image. However, you cannot create video collages or alter the borders to your liking.

Download The Instagram Layout: Android | iOS

To begin, download the app to your smartphone. Start the Layout application. The photos on your device are located in the bottom section. To pick photographs, tap on them. Choose a grid from the area above. To begin altering the layout, tap on it.

3. Making Use of the Photo Gallery Sticker

On both Android and iOS, a Photo Gallery sticker is available that enables you to overlay numerous photos on top of an existing photo or background in Instagram stories. Add a random photo to the tale screen by opening the story screen. Select a color for the collage’s background by tapping on the Doodle button. To fill the screen with the specified color, touch and hold the screen and then click the Done or checkmark button at the top.

Now, at the top, tap the Sticker button and select the Photo Gallery sticker. Choose the image that you wish to include in your collage. Similarly, apply another sticker to the canvas to add additional images.

This method allows you to reposition photographs, resize them, and add as many images as you want. To alter the style of specific images, tap on them.

4. Making Use of the Clipboard (iPhone)

Similar to the preceding method, you may use the iOS clipboard to create an Instagram photo collage. To begin, create a solid color background for your collage on the Instagram story views using the method outlined above. Now, minimize the Instagram app without shutting it and launch the Apple Photos app. Locate the photo you wish to include in your collage and click the Share icon. Tap the Copy photo option from the Share screen.

Open the Instagram app immediately with the photo in the clipboard. At the bottom, you’ll notice the Add sticker option. It should be tapped. On the canvas, the photograph will be pasted. Similarly, add other images to make an Instagram Story collage. Resize, reposition, and reorganize the photographs as necessary.

5. Using Instagram Photo Collage Apps

Suppose you’re not satisfied with the capabilities supplied by the preceding approaches. In that case, you can experiment with third-party photo editing programs that allow you to overlay photographs to create a collage.

Among The Greatest Picture Collage Apps Are The Following:

  • Snapshot of (Android, iOS)
  • PhotoCollage (Android, iOS)
  • Canva – (Android, iOS)
  • Collage Maker – image editor & collage maker (Android)
  • PicJointer 4+ Photo Collage Maker (iOS)
  • Collage Creator (iOS)

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