What Is An Accredited Exercise Physiologist? Can They Help Me?

Exercise Physiology is a branch of allied healthcare that provides preventative and management solutions to many chronic conditions and injuries. This is a new field and has just started to gain traction all over the world. Exercise is effective in helping the body become healthy and a solution to chronic pain and other problems caused by injuries. This article has been prepared by Movement 101 in Waterloo to help you know more about who Accredited Exercise Physiologists are and how they can help you.

Who Is An Accredited Exercise Physiologist?

While there are several self-proclaimed physiological experts, Accredited Exercise Physiologists are purely professional. They have a four-year university qualification in allied health and have been equipped with clinical exercise interventions to design and prescribe practical exercises. These exercises deal with acute, sub-acute, and chronic health issues caused by injuries or any other factor.

Since exercise is their main practice, Accredited Exercise Physiologists dedicate their entire period in school to learn more about exercise as medicine. As a result, they are more knowledgeable than other allied health professionals about the human body and the benefits that exercise has on chronic health conditions.

Apart from the design and prescription of custom exercises, Accredited Exercise Physiologists also provide behavioral coaching, health education, and exercise counseling. They value counseling as it helps to reduce sedentary behaviors in patients.

How Does Exercise Physiology Work?

The first thing that an Accredited Exercise Physiologist will do is to conduct an assessment. This assessment is done to ascertain the status of your strength, fitness, diet, and the effects your condition is causing to your lifestyle. This information is crucial in ensuring they design a program specifically made to help you relieve pain and improve your condition.

Unlike in other practices, exercise physiology provides exercise-based solutions that include physical activity education, health advice, and lifestyle interventions that are custom-made to help the patient achieve a behavioral change.

Reasons To Visit An Accredited Exercise Physiologists

There are many reasons you should visit an AEP, and this article will look at a few main reasons.

You Are Experiencing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any pain that has persistently hurt you for 3 to 6 months. When you visit exercise physiologists, they will assess you to make sure they find the root cause of this condition and, after that, provide the measures to help manage and eradicate it.

You Are Pregnant Or Have Given Birth

Pregnancy is an intimate and important period in any woman’s life, and exercise is necessary for ensuring this period is lived successfully. Knowing the right exercise and techniques to incorporate during and after pregnancy is crucial to making sure you do not complicate issues.  An AEP helps figure out the correct activities to include in your program to ensure efficiency and safety.

You Experience Mental Health Problems

With the rise in mental health issues in Australia and the world in general, the existence of an AEP comes in handy to ensure the patient receives the best assessment and treatment program that is uniquely suited for them and their condition.

You Are Obese And Looking To Lose Weight

Exercise is the fundamental part of ensuring a healthier body that performs highly. Being overweight can cause many complications not only in the human body but also in the brain. An AEP will come in handy in providing the best weight loss and management program to help you drop the extra fat and live a more fulfilling life.

You Are Living With Musculoskeletal Injury

An injury that has not been treated for a long time does not only cause danger to your mobility and leads to you experiencing chronic pains that are severe and unpleasant. Visiting an AEP provides you with solutions that are made to help you get back to your normal healthier life.

Someone Living With Autism

If your family member is living with autism, seeking an AEP’s help is the best way to ensure a proper movement-based program is designed to help them move independently. Since this type of neurodevelopmental disorder is a permanent condition, an AEP can develop a framework of exercises that actively helps in managing this condition.

The importance of Accredited Exercise Physiologists is more than impressive but necessary. Pain can become frustrating, therefore majorly affecting your mood, financial status due to increased hospitalization while at the same time making your health a mess. Finding a good AEP is vital in ensuring you receive the best care and exercises to revolutionize your health condition.

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