What are the main uses and advantages of slip rings?

A slip ring is an electrical device that facilitates the production of power and electrical data from a stable item to a moving one. The rotating electrical junction, also known as the electric swivel or collector, is another name for the electrical slip ring. Any electromechanical system that includes establishing power or data supply while spinning can use an electrical slip ring, which serves as a source of action between a fixed and rotating item. Slip ring technology also aids system operation by eliminating the damage-prone cables that dangle from any moveable joints beyond power and data transmission.

Importance of slip rings

Depending on the needs, a slip ring can be utilized in various systems. It may be used in conjunction with the rotary union to operate any device that is generally referred to as a rotary joint at the same time. The rotary union’s fluid requirements are the same as the slip’s necessity for electrical power and data transmission. The media rotary platform enables machines to get linked together to form a rotary union, which provides extra information to slip rings simultaneously.

Working of slip ring

Metal ring and brush contact are the two primary components of the slip rings. The structure and usage of the machine determine the number of rings and brushes required. Graphite phosphor, bronze is used in the brush manufacturing process. Although graphite is a less expensive choice, phosphor bronze offers better conductivity and extended wear life.

Brushes are fixed with revolving rings or rotating rings with fixed brushes, depending on the RPM. It also gets linked to the brush house and then mounted, whereas machine-rings get connected to the rotating rotor. Conductive metals, such as brass and silver, get used to making the rings. It has an amount shaft with a central-shaft that gets insulated. Nylon or plastic gets used to keep the rings apart. The electrical current is carried via the brushes as the rings revolve. As a result, the spinning rings and fixed brushes get connected continuously.

Uses of slip rings

Various motors utilize different electrical slip rings. In the wound rotor AC induction motor, a slip ring gets used to inject resistance into the rotor windings rather than transferring power or data. Three slip rings, composed of copper or copper alloy, are applied to the motor shaft of a rotor motor. Each slip ring gets connected to one of the three rotor winding phases. The slip ring’s brushes consist of graphite connected to a supporting mechanism that acts as a rheostat.

The brushes maintain constant contact with the rings while the slip ring spins with the rotor, providing resistance to the rotor winding. By adding resistance to the rotor winding, the rotor current becomes more in-phase with the stator current. It produces more torque with less energy. The slip ring gets used during start-up due to the low performance and torque drop-offs when running at full speed. The slip rings in the motor short out when it reaches its operating speed, and the brushes finally lose contact. As a result, the machine-motor behaves like a usual AC induction motor.

Slip rings get used in any virtual application that has a spinning platform or foundation. Winders, automated welders, index tables, wind turbines, the medical industry, and amusement park attractions are examples of industrial equipment. The slip ring’s primary function is to transmit power and data from a fixed item to a spinning device, and it may also provide analog signals and transfer electricity.

Other Uses for Slip Rings

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Machines for capping
  • System of control
  • Medical systems and equipment
  • Machines for packaging
  • Robotics
  • CCTV cameras and surveillance systems

Advantages of Using a Slip Ring

The following are some of the reasons why people choose slip rings:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent quality
  • IP graded protection
  • Extremely resistant to the elements
  • Longevity

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