Tips to get certified in Microsoft Azure Certification in 2021

With changing times, upgrading your skills can lead to a fruitful career. Pursuing a Microsoft Azure certification can open multiple opportunities for career growth. Azure training opens multiple paths to build one’s career and move forward. Before opting to pay for the azure certification cost, one must gain awareness of various certifications. Then, the next step would be to understand the guidelines for getting certified in Azure. 

  Microsoft provides the following role-based Azure certifications:

  • Azure Developer
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Database Administrator

Tips to opt for the Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure certifications: 

  1. For someone new to Cloud computing or Azure training, it is advisable, to begin with, a fundamental understanding. 
  2.  AZ-900 Fundamentals is the basic Microsoft certification for Azure. It is advisable for a new or unexposed candidate to clear the AZ-900 Fundamentals exam. This exam can aid in gaining the foundational knowledge for building a career associated with Microsoft Cloud certification.

The concepts covered in the Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam are mentioned in the following table:

Serial No. Topic Weightage
1. Concepts of Cloud 20-25%
2. Core Azure Services 15-20%
3. Management tools and Core solutions on Azure 10-15%
4. Features of Network Security and General Security  10-15%
5. Privacy, Governance, Identity, and Compliance Features 20-25%
6. Azure’s Cost Management and Service Level Agreements  10-15%

Azure Certifications that are Role-Based

After you gain foundational knowledge and pass your Azure Fundamentals certification exam, there are several options to choose from. Cloud computing specialists can opt for a learning path based on their role in an IT team or the path they want to advance in. 

The tips and information to pursue the various role-based certifications and learning paths available are given below:

  1. Tips and Guidelines to become an Azure Administrator Associate

  • To earn the title of an Azure Administrator Associate, one needs to pass the AZ-104 exam. 
  • A person interested in an administrative role should opt for this Azure certification training and preparation for this exam.
  • Completing this track will enable one to monitor, manage, and implement the Microsoft Azure environment in an organization.

The topics covered in the Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104 exam are mentioned in the following table:

Serial No. Topic Weightage
1. Managing Azure Governance and Identities 15-20%
2. Managing and Implementing Storage 10-15%
3. Managing and Deploying Azure Compute Resources 25-30%
4. Managing and Configuring Virtual Networking 30-35%
5. Backing-up and Monitoring Azure Resources
  1. Tips and Guidelines to become an Azure AI Engineer

  • Two exams are available for experiencing the Azure training and becoming an artificial intelligence (AI) engineer.
  • These exams include the beginner level AI-900 exam and the intermediate level AI-100 exam.
  • The AI-900 exam can enable one to gain the basic knowledge of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Passing this exam will also enable one to gain an understanding related to Microsoft Azure services.
  • The AI-100 exam will also allow one to gain the knowledge and experience related to designing and implementing AI apps and agents. The knowledge and expertise regarding these skills are acquired through Microsoft Azure tools.

The Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900 exam tests the skills and knowledge of the following topics:

Serial No. Topic Weightage
1. AI Considerations and Workloads 15-20%
2. The Fundamental Principles of Machine Learning – Azure 30-35%
3. The Computer Vision Workloads on Azure 15-20%
4. Azure’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) Workloads  15-20%
5. Conversational AI Workloads on Azure 15-20%

The Azure AI Associate AI-100 exam tests the skills and knowledge of the following topics:

Serial No. Topic Weightage
1. Solution Requirements 25-30%
2. Designing AI Solutions 40-45%
3. Monitoring and Implementing AI Solutions 25-30%

2. Opting for Data-related Certifications

Data scientist and Data engineer role-based certifications are available for becoming a certified Azure data engineer. The beginner level exam for this category of certifications is called the DP 900 exam. 

   Azure Data Engineer Associate is the intermediate-level certification for this category. It requires one to pass two exams. Those exams are called the DP-200 and DP-201 exams. They cover designing and implementing an Azure data solution.

  Apart from these basic certifications, Azure training also has some additional role-based Azure certifications. It is advisable to examine the topics covered in each exam before choosing a desired role-based certification. Clearing the concepts is the key to crack any exam.

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