Terrarium Workshop in Singapore: Invest in Your Planet

Terrariums are a fun, easy DIY project that can be completed in an hour or less. Terrarium workshop in Singapore will leave you feeling accomplished and having created something beautiful for your home or office. These terrariums are more than just plants in glass jars; they’re living art! They require very little maintenance, so all you need to do is water them once every one-two weeks.  Those

Select Your Terrarium Workshop!

There are several options for different Terrarium workshops in Singapore, each with its own time frame and price point. You can take a DIY day-long session or an evening class over the course of two weeks. Each session brings you step-by-step through the process of creating your terrarium while teaching you about various plants that improve air quality.  Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be contacted by the relevant supplier with more information. You can book your spot for the DIY day-long workshop, which includes all materials, instruction, and delicious snacks. Or you can sign up for one of their evening classes. The last option is to plan a private terrarium party. You’ll be taken through each step of creating your glass jar terrarium masterpiece by an experienced horticulturist! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow houseplants or simply decorate your homes with greenery, these workshops are perfect for you. Once you have created your beautiful green masterpiece, the first step is to take care of it! Fill it with filtered water and place it in indirect sunlight – sunny window sills are perfect places for your terrarium. Water them once every one-two weeks by pouring 1/8 cup of water into the container.

Easy DIY Terrarium workshop  

After one month, you can add a little fertilizer and plant food to your water. They will take care of themselves from there!  Be sure to check in with your terrarium every so often so it doesn’t dry out and kill the plants inside. If they do not receive enough light or water, they may begin to wilt. This is when you add more soil and add water into the container. And just like that, your new indoor garden has arrived at home. Your friends and family will be amazed when they see how many characters you’ve added to your living space with these beautiful terrariums! Have you ever wanted to have a stunning living piece of art in your home, but never knew where to start? Terrarium workshop in Singapore is one simple solution for us everyday folk, who don’t regularly grow our own plants. They can be great at showing off your creative side and also make an excellent gift idea! If you would like inspiration. The word terrarium is Latin for ‘greenhouse’. It consists of air plants or succulent gardens that live in glass domes. Each workshop varies slightly depending on the expert hosting it, but usually, they will include all the necessary components to create your perfect little microcosm/planter world: soil, decorative items (stones and moss), and the plant(s). They will also usually include a full-course meal, which you can enjoy as you create your terrarium masterpiece.

Little Ecosystem!

Your new little ecosystem requires virtually no care; just an occasional mist or spritz of water to keep the soil moist. Once planted, sit back and admire as your terrarium matures. Over time, as things begin to die off (and they will) – the whole process starts again! Whether it’s growing algae in the base or having tiny spiders hatch in there, nothing beats admiring its rawness when all is said and done. You may grow tired of looking at it over time but fear not because these magical living decor pieces are excellent for getting rid of old items: What better way to recycle than by repurposing their containers and giving them a new lease on life? Plus, since they’re made from glass, they’re easy to clean and don’t hold onto unpleasant smells.

Plants generally live longer in terrariums because the lack of sunlight actually helps place stress on them, allowing them to grow healthier and stronger for much longer. Terrarium workshop in Singapore is perfect for those who want an activity that will provide a sense of satisfaction once it’s done! They also make wonderful gifts for your friends or relatives who appreciate nature as much as you do. Terrarium workshops may be a little hard to find but there are plenty out there popping up due to everyone wanting their own beautiful piece of greenery to cherish. If you are curious about where your closest one might be, simply do an online search. There are dedicated pages that will give you all the information that you need. With any luck, there’ll even be a few near you!


We have seen an increase in terrarium workshops in Singapore, so if you are interested in learning more about the process of making a terrarium or want to invest your time and space into something beautiful for your home, contact us. From succulents to cacti, there is no shortage of options when it comes to what type of plant life you can place inside your own personal ecosystem!


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