Signs You May Need Boiler Repairs

If you asked us what one of the most dependable types of heating systems is, we’d definitely say the Boiler Repairs Rotherham. Since they need fewer moving parts than more conventional systems like heat pumps or furnaces, boilers tend to accumulate less wear and tear, and have a longer lifespan.

But, like any other important home appliance, boiler systems still need repairs on occasion. Read on as we uncover some of the signs that your boiler needs repairs sooner rather than later.

It’s Making Rumbling or Rattling Sounds
No, you probably don’t have a boiler that’s about to explode—don’t worry, it’s not that extreme. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore any rumbling or rattling noises you hear coming from the boiler system, as it does mean that something is amiss.

One possible cause is that the circulating pump has malfunctioned and it is shaking inside its casing. The circulating pump is one of the few mechanical components of the boiler system, and so it needs to be monitored through professional maintenance.

If these sounds are coming from inside the boiler tank itself, it likely means there’s a buildup of sediment on the bottom of the tank. This sediment is the product of hard water, or water with a high presence of minerals in it—namely magnesium, calcium, and/or iron. This can make the boiler work less efficiently and reliably and even cause a premature breakdown.

It’s Leaking
You should never see water escaping from your boiler system. Boilers are designed as a closed-looped system, meaning no water needs to be added throughout its lifespan and no water should exit the system either. So if you notice something like water puddling at the base, don’t just mop it up and ignore it. The cause of the leak must be found and repaired to prevent further risk to the system.

Heating Delay
If you’ve had your boiler for even just a few years, then you should know how long it takes, on average, for your home to start heating up once that boiler has cycled on. If the house is heating up but it seems to be taking a lot longer than it used to or longer than it should, there could be a circulation issue with the system.

If your boiler is old on top of this (10-15 years of age) then it can indicate that it’s time for a boiler upgrade versus a boiler repair.

Higher Than Average Utility Bills
Take a look at your energy bills compared to last year—or even compared to what your neighbors are paying. If they are significantly higher, then it’s an indication that something is causing your heating system to perform less efficiently. Go ahead and give us a call—it’s very likely you need repairs.

Alternatively, it could be the sign of other efficiencies in your home, but the best thing you can do for your household is give our team a call so we can assess the situation.

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