The Reasons Why We Love Centre Punches Mechanical Tools

Punches tool is a small and narrow piece metal rod with a sharp tip. It is used to create a hole through a metal or any hard surface. 

Types of Pin Punch Tool

Punches are classified on the basis of their tip shapes and slider movements. Let’s have a look at the different types of punch tools.

  • Centre Punch 

These are made of high carbon steel. These are made hard and given heat treatment. Their tip is at the right angle and the handling part is knurled. To properly place the drill bit on the rest, their drilling point is made at the center. 

  • Prick Punch 

This tool is also made of high carbon steel, hard and heat treated. Its point is made at a 30 degree angle. It is used for marking on jobs of thin metal sheets and to make holes in them. This tool is similar to center punch which can have a narrow point and are used for marking a design or layout. 

  • Drift Punch 

This punch is used to align rivet holes so that the fasteners can be inserted properly. This tool is courteously hammered into the hole unless and until it gets properly aligned and prepped for the fasteners. A punch with a straight shank is highly common and is known as a drift punch.

  • Pin Punch

This tool is straight shanked and is used in removing bolts. A pin punch is to finish the removal of bolts which is already loosened up by a drive punch.

  • Tablet Punch

This tool is known as tablet press. It is a tool that compresses powder into a tablet shaped form of equal size and weight. It is used to manufacture various products including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and cosmetics.

  • Bell Punch 

It is a mechanical device and it is bell shaped. The reason for forming into the shape of the bell so that it can accurately self-center on a round bar material. A bell punch is completely machined in steel so that it can create punch without failing.

  • Automatic Punch

As opposed to a drift punch, this punch doesn’t need to be hammered. It has a spring which is settled through a river head. When marking is done, its lever head is pressed. Through this pressure, the main punch would do the marking on the job.

  • Letter Punch

This tool is also known as letter stamps. It is used to print a letter or a number into the workpiece. This is necessary for die or mold making and the final product is readable.

  • Dot Punch

It is considered as a lighter version of center punch and it is wherever there is less or light version of indentation required. 

  • Hollow Punch

Hollow Punch is referred to as a mechanical device which is made from the hardened carbon steel. These punches are used to make holes in a metal sheet or leather. 


Advantages of Parallel Punch

  • They are used in a variety of industries mainly for indentation, making holes and forming different kinds of shapes.
  • They are highly accurate and particulate tools. Specially made to work in high temperatures and anti-resistant to wear and tear.
  • They are made of two types of brakes which makes them safe and reliable for high speed environments.
  • They are highly productive, require less labor work, and automatically produce requiring no manual work


Safety precautions punches tools

Punch tools ease our lives in industries by doing work on automation and other works like creating holes, etc. therefore it is important that everyone should follow the below precautions while operating with punch tools.

  • The worker or the employee should read the manual twice or thrice before starting to use the punch tool a couple of times.
  • The worker should get knowledge and proper training regarding punch tools in an industry. 
  • He should wear proper clothing. Shouldn’t wear loose clothes or put on jewelry around his neck.
  • He should check the centre punch is turned off while performing any upkeep.
  • He should know the location of each device and how to use them.
  • When adjusting or repairing the machine, always hang the warning sign board.


Punches and chisels have been in use for centuries. In fact, next to striking tools they are like the oldest tools in the history of humanity. Today hand held punches and chisels are used for removing pins and bushings, and cutting or splitting steel objects.

The craftsman punch has been around for years. It has different loop lengths and an open slot allowing for easy threading. The locking mechanism wouldn’t stay in place. Center slot for threads without a threaded. The steel needle allows for an easy entry into the threaded.

Heavier, shorter and longer than drift punch, these are modified versions great for anti-resistance and anti-chip. These tools are used as a starter tool prior to pin punching. They are made of high quality carbon steel. They are accurately hardened and tempered and one-piece designs for installing pins and rivets. 

On the basis of interior composition, punch tools are classified as hollow and solid. As their names implies, hollow tools have hollow interiors while solid tools have solid interiors. 

Hollow punch tools are used to create holes in workpieces by puncturing the surface. Solid punch tools on the other hand are used to remove materials from work pieces.


In this article we discussed punch tools, where it is used, their types and the advantages and disadvantages of punch tools. Safety precautions regarding punch tools in industry were discussed. Finally a touch of hollow and solid punches were given.

In the end, we can say that punch tools are used mainly for creating holes in hard surfaces, shape making and for automation in industries.

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