Cubejekx2021 Gojek Clone with Advanced Features and 70+ Services

With the advent of the On-Demand Apps, we are spoilt. The mobile apps are getting personalize day by day offering you the most amazing shopping experience that you no more crave to visit a store. Right from doorstep deliveries, to same-day pickups to hassle-free returns, On-Demand Multiservices Apps have turned out to be at the right place at the right time.

Even though the situation has been improving post-lockdowns, businesses re-opening people still prefer going online. Nothing is more satisfying than getting the stud deliver as per the conveniences and at the doorstep. Gojek like App is a multiple service provider offering a mammoth of the services in one single app. The app is aimed to ease the hassles of the users who get no or less time to shop for their basic daily essentials.

Buy CubeJekx2021 that is been inspire by Gojek accommodates fresh, engaging features. The app allows you to launch the on-demand multi-services business in a matter of time. CubeJekx2021 guarantees you the returns from the day it has been launch.

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CubeJekx2021 – Advanced Gojek Clone

The Gojek Clone App “CubeJekx2021” is introduce with an improve UI/UX that offers seamless functionalities to the users. Also, it has got Latest Features that make this app attractive.

The features are well-design ensuring that it answers the issues and challenges of the service providers, users, and delivery drivers.

Advanced Gojek Clone CubeJekx 2021 can easily accommodate 70+ multiple services in an app. This is a one-time investment that allows the app owner to streamline the multi-services business in a single app.

If you are looking to run an On-Demand Multiservices Businesses that guarantees you the returns in the shortest time choose Advanced Level Gojek Clone – CubeJekx

Single CubeJekx2021 – An App For Every Solution

Covering more than 70 multiple services, it has been categorize primarily under:

Uber-like Ride-hailing services

It allows the users to book taxis on the go. Acts like Uber, the user in few taps can book a taxi, arriving at their doorstep. The feature allows the Admin to run other services like Uber-like Moto ride, Uber-like Cab Rental services, Moto rides on the go.

If you are looking on to add other services, discuss your requirements with the app development team.

On-Demand Delivery Services

The On-Demand Delivery Service allows the users to place orders. The feature offers store-based on-demand deliveries like food, groceries, flowers, medicines, bakery items, water-bottle, wine/alcohol, etc.

Other services

This feature connects the service providers with the users directly.

The user can choose their service providers based on their ratings, pricing, work history, proximity, etc.

This includes Electricians, Lawyers, Car washing services, Event organizers, Home sanitization services, Babysitters, Salon services, Gym/yoga trainers, Petwalkers, Doctors, etc.

CubeJekx2021 Features 2021

When you are creating an app like Gojek, there is an impression that is already develop.

CubeJekx2021 is an advanced version of the Gojek Clone App that is rare to find with any other company. When you are competing with other Multiservices Apps you want to stay ahead, cut the struggles. The Super App allows you to do that because it is integrate with the Latest Features and improved UI/UX.

Having bought Gojek Clone App from a trustable company will not only provides you with the White-label Clone App but, will be integrated with the latest features along with COVID19 Safety Features to increase your app visibility and revenue generation.

Approaching An App Development Company

Approach an app development company that has years of experience

Connecting with an app development company to design Gojek Clone can be the best way to launch your multiservice business. They have an experienced team and working on the state-of-the-art infrastructure offering Powerful Gojek like App Solutions to clients worldwide.

Thus, having an experience team around rest assured you will be launching the best app product in the market that scales up your business needs instantly.

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