Wedding Wishing Well Box: What You Need To Know

Wedding wishing wells are becoming popular options among couples looking to personalize their ceremony and provide an affordable, fun way to collect guests’ well wishes. The Wedding Wishing Well Box is placed at entrances or exits of the ceremony site, and guests are asked to write they’re well wishes on pieces of paper which are then put into the box. The bridal couple can then opens the box at the reception, read out the notes, and enjoy these personal messages from loved ones! Here’s what you need to know about wedding wishing wells before getting one for your wedding day.

Why Buy A Wedding Wishing Well Box?

Traditionally, brides and grooms have been expected to purchase gifts for their guests as a sign of gratitude. This can often be an awkward experience because it means you’re expected to spend a certain amount of money on friends and family members who love you—yet you know they probably won’t spend as much or more on you when your wedding day comes around. The solution? A Wedding Wishing Well Box! Tell your guests that all gifts should be placed in a box at your reception venue, and then announce that there is no gift limit.

How Does It Work?

Place your Wedding Wishing Well Box in an area where guests will see it. Fill it with goodies that are specific to your relationship (e.g., post-it notes or pens). Take a picture of each guest placing their item in your box, and once you’ve received all of them, share what you received on social media. Don’t forget—you can pick up your items whenever you want, no need to wait until after your wedding! To make sure you get something back for each person’s contribution, make sure they sign their name next to their gift.

wedding wishing well box
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Where Should I Put It?

If you want to include a wishing well at your wedding, be sure to consider where you put it carefully. Some couples keep it near their guest book or next to their gift table; others place it on an outdoor patio or poolside so all guests can toss in some coins. Whichever location you choose, make sure your wishes don’t go unfulfilled!

Where Can I Get One?

The Wedding Wishing Well Box can be purchased from the wedding wishing well box or marriage wishing well box. Customization options are also available, including engraving names and dates on a plaque that attaches directly to your wishing well. The ordering process is easy—follow instructions for ordering information, or you can find information by contacting via phone or e-mail. Customers usually receive their order within one week from the date of order placement as long as they have selected a stock item from Wedding Wish Box’s catalog.

How Much Is It?

You can get a small Wedding Wishing Well Box (for holding money) for about $20. The boxes are normally made of ceramic, but you can find them in metal, wood, and even plastic if you look hard enough. If it’s not already included with your order, these generally come with stickers that can be used to decorate your wish box (so that guests know what it is). It also comes with a sign that describes what exactly is going on. As long as you don’t let greed cloud your judgment, wedding wishing wells aren’t all that expensive. On average, these things cost around $5 per guest—which isn’t bad at all when you consider how much fun people seem to have taking part in them.

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