Top benefits of laminate wood flooring that no one will tell you

Whenever you are thinking about your dream house, you think of an ultra-modern window pane with stunning views, stylish doors and other luxurious aspects. However, have you ever noticed that you never think of the laminate wood flooring? Even though floors are equally important as the rest of the house, many tend to give them the least attention during construction and designing.

Flooring is one of the most notable parts of your home. Moreover, flooring choices should be based on the lifestyle of the homeowners. Today, wooden laminate flooring has become a popular choice as they come with many benefits. If you are thinking of installing wooden laminate on your floors, the following facts will help you make an informed decision.

Termite safe

Even though many find it surprising, the truth is termites won’t bother you when you have wooden laminates. Termite infestation at home is something that will scare any homeowner because not only can it lead to costly damages, it also means thousands of rupees of repair costs. Royale Touche is the best laminate brand in India that is reputed for its high-quality laminate sheets for flooring. However, a wood-boring insect can cause severe damage to genuine woods when they are not treated on time. With wooden laminate sheets, you can put that worry out of your mind and enjoy a quality flooring that appears like real wood.

Appealing look

Wooden laminates sheets are indeed a signature of sophistication that enhances the overall home décor. They bring a rich and neat looking feel and sometimes look even more attractive than a vinyl surface. In addition, they can look similar to genuine wooden floors, and it’s hard to notice the difference. Homeowners have an added advantage of choosing wood laminate sheets from a wide variety of choices and qualities based on their desires.

Doesn’t fade

Unlike other flooring alternatives, wooden laminates do not fade over time when exposed to sunlight. Needless to say, when vinyl surface, carpet or natural wood is exposed to sunlight they tend to fade over time. Even if a laminate sheet is exposed to consistent sunlight, it never fades and retains its appearance year after year without showing any signs of change.

Easy maintenance

If you were thinking that wooden laminates get damaged by moisture and spills, you were thinking wrong. This happens in natural wood floors that can warp or crack due to moisture or when exposed to water. However, laminate wood is the ideal choice for families with kids and pets because of its easy upkeep and clean up aspects. Since the outer layer of the laminate is made up of a material that does not allow moisture to seep into it, it never gets damaged. Nonetheless, it is significant to clean it regularly to ensure the longevity of the sheets. It needs to be noted that no waxing or polishing is required. If any liquid is spilt, simply wipe it with a soft cloth.

Environmentally friendly

Wooden laminates are generally preferred for luxurious home décor. However, that does not mean it’s not environmentally friendly. In addition to the look and appeal of a genuine wooden surface, it is simultaneously environment friendly. What’s more, wood laminate sheets cost 50% less than real hardwood. Therefore, serving as an ideal solution for those who prefer the look of hardwood and budget-friendly flooring options. In other words, this big price difference allows you to save money that you can spend on the rest of your home décor.


Since laminate flooring does not trap dust or dirt particles like carpet, it is called Hypo-allergenic. It also prevents the growth of any mould or spore, which is allergenic.

So there you have it, wooden laminate comes with several benefits making it the ideal flooring choice in a home. They also vary based on thickness and types of wood including oak, cherry and many more. Homeowners can also choose from textured or embossed, smooth, and distressed or hand-scraped surface finishes. If you are thinking of buying wooden laminate sheets, check the Royale Touche laminate catalogue to find the ideal laminate for your flooring needs Learn More



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