International Schools in Malaysia – 4 THINGS To Look In School

Just from the very moment you step inside an international school, you will find yourself surrounded by admissions officers, teachers, and the counselors. Carefully, scrutinize the space where your children will be spending half of their day regularly. It is not the twin towers or beach side, where your eyes just focus on the beauty around. Of course, neatness and cleanliness have their own benefits. But as a parent, you should understand that campuses often break or make the deal when it comes to choosing an international school. And, it’s very clear that you need to ensure a suitable campus for your kids’ future. Here are a few factors that you need to observe as well as think about.

Classroom setup

When we think about a traditional classroom, it reminds us about our teachers standing in front of the blackboard with a white chalk in their hand. Rows of benches and chairs set up for the children just opposite the teachers. Today, the scenario is entirely different. We have to change with time to cope with the globalized world. 

While walking through the campus, check out the setup of the classrooms if they promote collaborative learning facilities as well as create opportunities for teacher-student discussions. It would be even better if classrooms are designed to support different styles of learning, including comfy corners for reading, smart board learning, and separate spaces for teamwork. You can check out the Kuala Lumpur international school fees, which ensure top most facilities for children within affordability.

Age-appropriate spaces

When walking through the campus of the international schools in Malaysia, view the entire scenario from the eyes of your child. Put yourself in their shoes before judging the prevailing facilities and amenities. Take your child along with you during the visit. Try to understand if they feel intimidated by the area or stimulated by it. It’s easy for the little ones to feel apprehensive in an unknown area. But with the availability of age-appropriate facilities like open bright spaces, children’s playgrounds and excitable elements like sensory gardens, your kids can easily be put at ease. 

When it comes to older children, it is equally necessary to ensure. That the area does not put a limitation on their own abilities and exploration capabilities. Also, whether it’s the playground for children of the primary section or just sports hall for high school and middle school children.  Sufficient elements should be present that provide students with the opportunities to move beyond. Their own limitations and boundaries, while staying comfortable and safe.

A huge world of resources

During your campus tour, never miss to check out the library because it speaks about how much the school authority encourages children to seek out knowledge outside the classroom.

We know that the more readily resources are provided to children, the higher the chances of their growth and development. With the right resources made available, they can grow into self-empowered learners. Check out resources available for children in the library to ensure that it is an inviting and conducive place for kids. Also, go through the content of the books to have a clear understanding if it caters to the literacy abilities of kids of all ages.

Facilities to support the growing interest of children

Today, school is not just the space to squeeze good grades out of kids. Certainly, good grades are important to establish a strong future, but it’s also important to pursue their interests outside academics. International schools give equal importance to studies and playtime. Teachers are trained to interact with students at the personal level to bring out the hidden talents out of the children and help them grow into talented individuals.

When great initiatives are gathered with the right facilities, it could really make a huge difference. Students get the chance to practice in the perfect-sized pool play music. Like professionals in the auditorium, and have access to professional equipment and tools—thus.  They can discover their own talents in the right environment. All these become wonderful perks to kids having special interests. 

The four major factors that, as a parent, you should take care of have been mentioned above. Somehow, if your parental instincts feel that the space is not suitable for your kid. Move on to the next best alternative option available. GIIS tops the list of the best international schools, providing high-quality international education to kids at an affordable annual fee.

So, the next time when you go for a campus in an international school, keep your eyes wide open to understand the right signs of what can make it an ideal space for your kid to play, learn and thrive. And as already discussed above. It is a great idea to take your child along with you so that he can interact with the area and gauge if it’s a perfect fit for him!

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