How to write fantastic captions for your Instagram posts

For your content to reach more and more people, you must make the Instagram algorithm consider it relevant content and show it to a greater number of people and for this two things come into play: Captions and interactions.

To improve interactions you can buy Instagram Likes at SuperViral and this will help your publication take off, but you still have to work on your captions. Here we will talk about this and some tips to help you write great captions.

As you already know, IG stories are easy to create, but have endless possibilities: by adding music to your stories you can improve and take your Instagram content to a new level.

Get interactions!

The function of the caption should be to generate interactions, but ensuring that we will have interactions will increase the engagement of our publications.

Whether you decide to use our service and buy Instagram Followers Canada or apply different techniques to generate them, the number of likes can help you reach more people and that they believe that your content is influential and relevant thanks to the level of interaction you have generated. .

The curiosity generated by seeing that thousands of people like your post can be a powerful motivation that makes them stop for a few minutes to see your photo and read what you have to say.

The first line is the most important

The first line is the equivalent of the headline. It’s great to write multi-paragraph captions, especially if you have enough information to share. However, you should give priority to the first line of the text. The reason for this is simple: When displaying a post in each user’s main feed, Instagram shows only the first line of all the text, to add a “See more” button.

The length varies depending on the device the post is being viewed on, but is typically 5 or 6 words. Having impressive content can also increase the chances of getting the swipe-feature on Instagram

This is why you should make sure to take advantage of this space. What you write in the first line should be interesting and invite your followers to continue reading the rest of your caption.


Instagram is like a window to the reality of the people we follow and it is what most of its users of this social network like, so incorporating a narrative within our publications can be quite useful.

Start with a first line that makes your followers wonder what comes next. Whether you’re talking about a trip or something that happened to you, try to connect your followers with your experience.

And this is not something that is limited to influencer accounts sharing about their personal life, but can also apply to business accounts. Think about the benefit you are offering and relate it to the experience and testimonials of the people who have enjoyed what you are offering.

The intention of your stories should be to get users to the end of your text, where you will need to add a call to action.

Calls to action

Many users are often reluctant to call to action on Instagram because they link them to infomercials and they don’t have to be.

Calls to action is asking your followers to do something. This can range from subscribing, following someone, or liking a post to purchasing a product or service.

Calls to action vary depending on what each account needs, but these can be:

  • Quick Actions or Specific Questions: These are the easiest. A simple “Like this publication” or “Answer this by telling me the country you live in.” Their function is to stimulate interaction in your publication.
  • Invitation to contact: They consist of inviting your followers to send you a direct message, call a certain number or contact you in some way for more information about the product or service you are offering.
  • Invitation to a specific site: These are quite common in the Instagram accounts of news sites, bloggers or sites that are dedicated to the generation of web content. Surely you have read a “Click on the link in our bio for more information” in any of these accounts.

Calls to action should be geared towards your goal, whether it’s driving traffic to your website or driving conversions, but a good call to action will also increase your account engagement.

Use Emojis

Emojis have become a language unto themselves and can make the readability of a text more pleasant, especially if we are talking about long texts.

Perhaps the camera emoji is a better option than “Photo taken by” when giving credit for that photo. Or adding a couple of celebration emojis are the ideal complement to announce a launch or give good news to your audience.

The intention of a well placed emoji should be to increase the visibility of information of interest within your caption.

Your brand has a voice, use it!

We already talked about how people like to feel that they follow people and we must remember this when writing captions.

Generic captions that read manufactured are a common mistake for many brands, even large accounts. To avoid this, stop for a few minutes to think about the personality of your brand and create a voice from there.

Thinking in this way when writing your captions will greatly facilitate the process, since as you know the personality of your brand you can easily write using their voice in an attractive and natural way.

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