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People value space, so you see a lot of people building big houses. Even for those who are just starting out with a small home, once they have made good money, you will hear them talking about expansion. 

In fact, in a survey conducted by Trulia, 43% of respondents said they would prefer to live in a larger home than they do now. In contrast, only 16% wanted to be reduced. 

If you already have a large apartment and have a large room for it, or are planning to have that soon, one of the challenges you may face is to create it. A large building with high ceilings, high ceilings, large walls and a large basement requires more creativity to make the space as comfortable as possible.

The spacious living room has a large white corner sofa with TV, while the dining room also has a dining table. 

So here are three ideas to design a great room.


1. Decorate the wall

The walls are tens of thousands of square meters, but you do not want to leave them blank in monochromatic colors.

Here are some of the most popular ways to make large walls stronger:

  • Tapestry: tape is an interesting art that every family should have. These are costumes painted with different shapes, animals, flowers, interesting characters, landscapes, etc. Of course, many beautiful homes have them. You will want those large sizes that cover a large part of your large wall. Fortunately, they are often friends who spend money, and even if you buy a few, they will not cost much.

  • Wall clocks: Wall clocks have been around since the 14th century, but their popularity will not drop anytime soon. They may be the most common products in a global family. In addition to the function of present-day displays, they are also an excellent decoration. For your large room, you will need a large room about one meter in diameter. You and your other family members will be able to count time from all parts of the room. Along with an air conditioning from @acflo, you must add a beautiful wall clock to make your living room design complete.

  • Painting: According to the experts, one of the most common color errors for homeowners is extreme safety. So as not to make the walls too dense. For the front room, please do not use the usual neutral colors for painting and keep it, because this place will feel lonely in the end. Instead, there is a wall or two of shades such as green, olive, blue, pink and coral. Also, if you are painting the ceiling in a few shades darker than the walls, so it does not feel high, it helps.

2. Think about your furniture and its design

Did you know that after home and car, furniture is the third most expensive thing you buy in your lifetime?

Therefore, you should carefully consider the design, type, and color of any furniture you plan to bring into the room.

Otherwise, if you choose too fast, you may not like the results. You will have to spend a lot of money to replace them or accept mistakes and accept them. 

Here are some tips on the selection and layout of large furniture:

  • Choose taller furniture: If your ceiling is high and your room is not comfortable, the best option is long furniture. Short furniture will only appear short and unattractive. So, make sure your chairs, boxes, sofas, bed sheets, etc. are all up.

  • Divide furniture into groups: Interior designers reiterate that to have a cozy home, you have to make it warm, comfortable and welcoming. If your sofas are too far away from each other, your home will eventually get cold and unfriendly. One way to avoid this is to divide furniture. You can have a main lounge, a reading area and a play area. In each case, place a sofa and a table nearby to facilitate conversation.

  • Add a local carpet: For each piece of furniture, you need a local carpet that extends to the edges of the area. You don’t want a carpet full of walls, because the room feels endless and monotonous.

  • Stand on the wall: Placing all sofas on the wall is another obstacle you want to avoid. The space between the sofas will be large, and the person sitting outside will not feel they are together. So, please pay attention to keeping the sofa away from the wall to create a more comfortable sitting position. Take a look at these tree mirrors and choose one of them as a beautiful wall.

  • Reproduction type: You may have a lot of furniture in front of your home. Which may not be as comfortable in the end and look great, especially if each piece of furniture has something unique.

3. Improve the roof

Architecture is said to be the art of building on four walls. In other words, the beauty of any object depends on the style and skill of the architect in building the house.
Regardless of the design of the roof, you need a creative way when designing a house. Otherwise, other buildings will come out boring. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • Housing space: Seeing an unfinished wall above your head to the white ceiling of the house would be exhausting. It is useful to knock down large wooden planks that are different from the ceiling, preferably crossing each other to create a box or diamond. To further enhance its beauty, use different colors to paint different parts of the roof to get a checkered look.

  • Ceiling box: In addition to the plot, you can also choose a ceiling box with decorative lines in the middle of the room, similar to the wonderful cathedral veneer. With such intricate details, you will always be intimidated by the artistic spirit put into practice and see a huge and interesting space.

  • Chandeliers: Small light chandeliers may not be suitable for large rooms. All you need is a beautiful chandelier, arranged in a row over the rest area. Imagine what you see in the homes of famous people and receive holy spirit from them.


Are you ready to design your living room?
Hopefully some of the above techniques will allow you to convert into a larger room type. For simple tasks, such as wall hangings, you can do it yourself. But for other desirable tasks, such as installing chandeliers and interior decoration, consider taking an experienced interior designer. The most important thing is to create as much as you can, and everyone who sees your work will be impressed with your results.

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