How To Help Prospects See The Value Of Life Insurance: 12 Tips

Insurance agents, especially new ones, go through a tough time trying to sell life insurance. Many complain that clients don’t see the benefits of having life insurance. This article gives you 12 tips on how to help prospects see the value of life insurance from Leuter Group life insurance. Using these tips will help you improve your sales process and improve the customer experience.

It can be frustrating for an agent when the prospect doesn’t understand life insurance and probably doesn’t want to talk about it. Revamp your style of pitching and improve your chances of getting new business. Closing a sale will no longer be rocket science for the insurance agent, considering the 12 tips outlined below.

  • Know Your Customer 

By understanding your clients’ concerns, needs and goals, you will offer the most suitable insurance products. It also helps to form a deeper and long-term relationship with the client. Clients will open up to you regarding their goals and finances when you personalize the relationship.

  • Approach At The Best Time

Certain life situations make people want to talk about health or life insurance. These life events include the birth of a baby, job changes, newly married couples, etc. Prospects in such situations already have an idea of the value an insurance policy provides. Sit down and think of ingenious ways to reach these people.

  • Use Visuals To Tell A Story

Sometimes being a good storyteller will convince the customer to sign up for life insurance products. Use stories where people talk about how life insurance saved them or how the lack of life insurance put them in trouble. There are tons of online videos with such stories which you can creatively share with your prospects.

  • Talk About Family

Most people love to talk about their loved ones and what they like to do for them. When you discuss their families, you trigger the parental guardian instinct. This will make them understand what their kids could miss out on in their absence. 

  • Use Presumptive Language 

Talk about life insurance as a necessity the same way you’d talk about shelter or food. Make them see that other adults in the same life situations as them are also getting life insurance.

  • Find Out When They Last Attended A Funeral

Our brains are hardwired not to see our possibility of dying. This is part of the reason why your clients can’t see the importance of life insurance. Discussing death with a prospect triggers their understanding that it is inevitable. 

    • Use Heart Rendering Stats

Don’t just use bland statistics; trigger the client’s emotions more intensely. Show a percentage of widows seeking employment or getting another job when a loved one 

  • dies. Show the percentage of kids who fail to enroll in college because of losing a parent.

  • Relate Life Insurance With Responsible Adulthood

Young adults are also taking insurance because the feeling of responsible adulthood can be very powerful. Emphasize the importance of life insurance.

  • Link Life Insurance To Social Status Or Wealth

Not everyone can buy life insurance, and there is a direct relationship between life insurance and wealth. Treat your prospects the same way you would treat a client in a jewelry shop. 

  • Help Solve A Challenge

Position your sales pitch as offering a solution to your client’s problems. You will understand your client’s challenges better as you show them how the product meets their necessities.

  • Ask Good Questions

Always ask good questions early in your sales pitch, such as; will your loved ones manage financially when you’re gone? Will you be at peace knowing that they won’t be burdened after your demise?

  • Compile A Report The Customer Can Keep

The client will mostly need time to think through his options before buying life insurance. Create a personalized report with recommendations and include details of how they can get in touch with you.

With these tips, you can be sure of getting clients and forming a bond that can last for several years. Life insurance protects families from sudden life changes after a person’s death. With a life insurance policy, you are guaranteed that your beneficiaries will be financially looked after if you die. Visit Leuter Group life insurance for a one-on-one talk with an insurance agent and check what they offer.

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