Common Reasons Why DB 1 Visa is Rejected

Every year, many DB1 applicants get rejected due to inadequate applications. 

The Dallas EB-1 Visa lawyer helps review your application and provides assistance in the process so that you can get approved without any issues.

Some of the common reasons for visa rejection are as follows:

  • Failure to list your partner and children

It is essential to fill in all the required information regarding your spouse and children younger than 21 on your visa application, even though they intend to immigrate to the United States along with you. This also involves adopted children as well as stepchildren. You must mention the children of spouses you are no longer married to in your application.

  • Lack of the necessary level of education or work experience

To qualify for a DB-1 visa, it is essential to be a high school graduate or have at least two years of work experience in a field that involves two years of training. To be eligible for the visa lottery, it is necessary to meet at least one of these requirements.

  • Multiple submissions of the application within the same registration period are not allowed.

During the open registration period, you must submit only one application. Multiple applications are rejected. You are legally not allowed to apply for the visa more than once under your name during the registration period. However, you and your spouse can submit individual applications and mention each other as derivatives. This increases the chances of approval for both.

  • Submission of invalid picture

It is mandatory to submit a recent picture of yourself and your applicants. The picture must be taken within the last six months before the application. The applicant should be facing forward in front of a clear background. Hair coverings are strictly avoided unless they are religious. If your photograph fails to meet these requirements, you will face rejection.

  • Having a history of criminal activity

You will not be allowed to get the visa if you have records of crimes like visa fraud, prostitution, drug trafficking, etc. You can apply, but your chances of winning are meager. You can consult a lawyer to see where you stand in the approval process.

  • Failure to prove that you will not be a potential public charge 

To get approved for immigration, you are expected to show that you can support yourself and your family. You are required to demonstrate that you are not going to be a public charge and depend on the assistance of the state after immigration. It is essential to display yourself as financially sufficient to convince the authorities. Having a job and adequate assets makes it easier. You can also consider getting sponsored by your friend to get accepted.

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