Tips For Building A Wardrobe With The Right Neutral Basics

Believe it or not, the best fashion is all about looking and feeling your best in what you wear. In short, you can say it is self-expression and confidence. Nowadays, a neutral wardrobe is considered the perfect minimalist trend for women looking to simplify their lives.

Neutral fashion is hardly a new trend. It started in the 90s and is worn by gorgeous women. I know it may be overwhelming for you to create a neutral wardrobe, but now I am here to guide you on creating the best neutral wardrobe.

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What is a neutral wardrobe?

Basically, a neutral wardrobe is also known as the minimalist wardrobe because it consists of only the basic neutral shades, including beige, white, black, grey, khaki and more. So in this way, building a neutral wardrobe indirectly means opting for a simpler lifestyle.

Tips For Building A Neutral Wardrobe

Consider The Closest Purge

It will be more difficult for you to adopt this lifestyle if you do not wear neutral every day. I know giving up colours for good is a significant and daunting step. When thinking about moving to a neutral wardrobe, most women worry that their style will soon get tired and boring. But they are wrong because it does not have to happen. Even neutral clothes can be really fashionable and even creative. So once you have decided to go neutral, then the first step would be to make the space in your closet by donating some of your clothes, shoes and bags. I am not saying to throw your all clothes just store all those in any other place because doing this you will quickly learn to live with lesser clothes and accessories.

Stop Being Sentimental

You all are aware of what I am talking about. Your old dresses may bring back 100 happy memories. But it is better to eliminate it if you want to create a minimalist or neutral wardrobe. So keep the memories in the pictures but get rid of the clothes. I can bet you will never wear these unique pieces may you have worn them once in your life.

Select Two Neutral Fashion Days Of The Week

You have to get comfortable with this new lifestyle, so it is better to take out at least two days every week to wear neutrals only. In addition, for this, try pairing your five beige or nude must-haves with a dark contrasting colour like black and other similar. On the other hand, for the rest of the day, pair neutral with the colour you already have in your wardrobe. Consider doing this a month later; you can always increase your wardrobe neutral pieces if you think you need new pieces.

Choose Your Best Neutral Colours

When selecting your favourite neutral shade, it is good to know what those colours are.  Most people think of the variations of black, white, and brown as being these are the only neutral shades out there. They are right to some extent, but there are some more surprising neutrals out there that can easily be added to your wardrobe. Even though you may already have these colours in hand, you don’t know these are neutrals. So that’s why it is essential to know about all the neutral colours.

The most popular neutrals you may know are burgundy, navy, and denim blue. Some others are earth tones such as sage and burnt orange. This can also be added to neutrals. Again, it may surprise you, but some animal prints can be neutrals. Finally, some metallic shades that can be added to your neutrals are gold, silver and bronze. So considering all these colours, you can easily complete your neutral look.

What to buy and what not?

When it comes to a neutral wardrobe, then for starters, I recommend you to start with basics. So try to find one item of each of your essential pieces and ensure they all go together. For instance, buy one pair of pants, one dress, one skirt, one top, one sweater, one pair of shoes, one piece of jewellery, one accessory and one jacket but make sure all must are made from suitable quality materials so they all last a while.

For the best, I recommend you to stick with the standard neutral colours and make sure the styles of each piece are just understated to make them go together. This is all you can do to build your starter wardrobe. From there, you can create your closet and add some more tops, accessories, and pieces of jewellery from time to time.

Buy Some Statement Pieces

The last step in building a neutral is to add some statement pieces. What are these actually? Then these pieces have the power to take your outfits from okay to really fashionable and chic. For instance, a cute pair of leopard print pumps, a neutral-coloured jacket with a gold accent etc. But remember one thing these don’t have to be worn with every outfit. You can wear it on certain occasions or when you feel like it.

You may still not understand the point of adding statement pieces. Then the purpose of adding statement pieces is to keep you excited about your neutral wardrobe, which will give you the reason to stick to it.

Ending Words

Building a neural wardrobe will never be easy, but with all these tips, you can make it easy and hassle. Above given, all the tips will guide you on the way to building your own best neutral wardrobe. So it’s time to complete your look in a simple and minimalistic way.

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