Overview of 2023’s Newly Added TikTok Updates and Features

TikTok is considered one of the chart-topping social media platforms. TikTok lets its users shoot, watch and share 15 – 60 second videos. It is estimated that TikTok will have 1.53 billion users as of 2023. Isn’t it imperative to keep all the users happy and improve their experience? 

Hence, TikTok has made some new updates and has introduced a few novel features for 2023.

We have curated some exciting information regarding the newly introduced updates and features to help our readers stay abreast of the current happenings. The new launches have impacted the overall user experience too. Users are exposed to varying experiences concerning the number of views they are getting. 

Some are getting more views than usual using resources like Tikviral, and a few are getting fewer views. Most of us are also seeing a decline in the number of followers we are calling. All of these are happening because of the changes TikTok has implemented.

Here Are the Updates and Features That TikTok Has Freshly Launched

Length of the Posts

The posts you wish to put out should follow the three post lengths introduced lately. The three post lengths are as follows:

  • Length number 1 – should be 5 – 11 seconds long
  • Length number 2 – should be 21-34 seconds long
  • Length number 3 – should be 55-60 seconds long

The length of your post is determined by the specific niche you belong to. We also need to consider the watch time you are getting as it is one of the most critical factors. 

Watch time is something that the TikTok algorithm lays a lot of emphasis on. If you fail to get the watch time that TikTok expects you to get, TikTok will not push out your content. This, unfortunately, is something a lot of us experience.

Choosing the right video length is very important as this determines how viral your video will get. It will help you get a lot better than you believe it to be. 

Videos that are 5-11 seconds long have the potential to go viral on TikTok. However, the videos’ 55-60 seconds range will only work for specific niches.

For the 5-11 secs video, you must get 100 % watch time. The 21-34 seconds long requires a watch time of 80%. The last category of the post length, which is 55-60 seconds of video, requires a watch time of 60% +. Ensuring to hit the watch time metrics is essential as it encourages TikTok to push your content.

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) has undergone a few changes on TikTok. Earlier, the video and the description required a call to action. The newly introduced update requires the users to have a call to action in every 1 of the three videos.

TikTok has started suppressing content that possesses a call to action in it. This only happens when you include a CTA every time you post. On the contrary, if you do it every third time, i.e., for every third post, the chances of the content getting suppressed will be improbable. This update is introduced because TikTok wants to restrict the number of people who get off the “for you page.”

The second change that needs to be made from the user’s end concerning the CTA is that it needs to be included in one of the two places. Both of these places are going to be in your actual video. The first will be in the last three seconds, and the second will be directly after your hook.

Ensure your call to action is not too basic, like “follow me for more videos” or “follow me for more comedy.” Be very specific. For instance, If you post content about weight loss, your call to action should be “Follow to lose more weight.”

Link in the Bio

Placing the link in the bio or placing “follow me” in the text on the screen decreases the number of views you will get. If this is done, chances are very high for TikTok to suppress the content. You need to spell it wrong and use symbols while doing it or voice it over to prevent this from happening. This will make it harder for TikTok to figure things out, and suppressing the content can be avoided.

Inclusion of Video – Scrubbing Thumbnails to Make Video Viewing Easier

One of the features that TikTok has come up with is the addition of video-scrubbing thumbnails to make your video viewing experience much smoother. Sometimes you can also buy tiktok likes to build a better user experience. The thumbnails help you navigate to the preferred parts of the video with the visual cues that the thumbnail provides you with.

Currently, the video-scrubbing thumbnail option is only available to quite a few, so if you are one of those to whom this option is unavailable, rest assured that it will be made available to you very soon as it’s a newly launched feature.

Reasons for the Appearance of Videos on Your for You Page Are Now Busted

Videos displayed on your “For you Page” are radically based on your preferences and likes; this way, the algorithm of TikTok is splendid. Lately, TikTok has begun revealing the reasons for the appearance of why specific posts on your feed. 

This newly introduced feature will greatly help business owners, entrepreneurs, and content creators understand why specific videos get displayed on the users’ FYPs. This further allows them to create and post content that the audience prefers.

To access this newly introduced feature and understand why specific videos appear on your “for you page,” you need to go to “For you feed” —> Hit the share icon —> Lastly, tap “Why this video” at the bottom.

The Bottom Line

The newly added features and updates on TikTok enhance the users’ experience. The information this article shares will help you get acquainted with the recently introduced features and make the best possible use of them.

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