How You Can Receive Medical Care at Advanced International Hospital

Advanced International Hospital” is a small 60 bed facility, situated at the center of Islamabad G-8 Markaz. The facility consists of a single wing dedicated to specialized surgery. The hospital features round-the-clock monitoring of all patients, 24 hours assistance of surgeons, emergency and maternity care. Offering comprehensive outpatient services, fully equipped intensive care unit and pediatric departments, in addition to other specialty centers.

The advanced international hospital offers comprehensive services to patients from Pakistan and from abroad. The hospital treats patients with different types of illnesses, ranging from HIV/AIDS, cancer to musculoskeletal disorders and congenital anomalies. The doctors at the hospital have been trained by the best foreign doctors. In addition to that, advanced facilities and treatments have been incorporated to offer the best possible care to the patients.

Pakistan’s advanced international hospital has been offering excellent dental services to all its patients for more than fifteen years. The goal of Pakistan’s dental specialists is to provide world-class dental care and innovative treatment for all dental diseases, irrespective of geographical location. All advanced dental services are offered through state-of-the-art equipment and qualified dental surgeons. In addition, all dental services are accompanied by personalized one-to-one counseling and expert guidance.

The hospital provides comprehensive emergency dental services for all emergency dental conditions. The National Certificate of Dental Accreditation (NDAs) is an official certification of the hospital. In addition, the facility is accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA)’s national renowned division on professionalism.

Pakistan’s advanced healthcare industry has grown remarkably during the past few years. There has been a tremendous growth in private medical healthcare system in Pakistan along with the growth in dental and allied sectors. All these factors have helped Pakistani dental industry to progress rapidly. The advancement made in the field of advanced technology has also helped to improve dental implant procedures.

Today, Pakistan’s dental industry is considered as one of the world top dental services provider. It offers advanced cosmetic dentistry, advanced orthodontics, advanced dentures, and advanced prosthodontics. The dental industry has experienced dramatic changes in the past few years. The most notable advancement has been the introduction of advanced prosthodontics. In this, three advanced prosthetic devices namely the buccal lipectomy, buccal strip procedure and buccal loupes are used for teeth cleaning and improving smile makeover.

A large number of dental professionals from Pakistan and abroad come to Pakistan’s national renowned hospitals for advanced cosmetic dentistry and oral care treatment. Most of them prefer to undergo their treatments at national renowned clinics instead of taking themselves to foreign clinics. Besides all this, many of them also take the advantage of the best available treatment facilities offered by globalcare dentistry in Pakistan. The clinical care provided here is also top class which ensures that the patients get best possible treatment and care.

Some of the world famous dentists and surgeons from all over the world come to Pakistan to treat their patients. Some of them come for a two-day visit while some may spend few weeks here. There are many dentists who conduct teeth whitening clinics at national renowned clinics. Every guest here has free treatment including dental check-up and teeth cleaning. You can avail of dental treatment right here without having to pay any extra money for that. You can avail of free dental check-up right before your trip ends or even during your stay here. Every dental expert here makes sure that each and every guest gets timely dental care.

When you avail of services of advanced dental surgery in Pakistan, you will enjoy many benefits. This facility is highly welcomed by international tourists coming to Pakistan to undergo cosmetic dentistry treatment. You will get free treatment on every dental appointment that you make at this clinic. You can expect first-rate medical care at this clinic. Your treatment will be highly appreciated by the staff here. This is because they know that every guest coming to the clinic is an affluent person who can afford such services and want to experience them to the fullest.

Advanced International Hospital is located in Lahore’s Green Park area. If you are a visitor to Pakistan and if you have any dental related problems, then you need not worry anymore about your dental care here? You can make all of your dental needs at this hospital in Concrete Ctr., Islamabad.

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