Custom candle boxes solutions for perfect candle packaging

What are candle boxes used for? 

Candle packaging, you can say it is an art, science, technology, or technique to protect your candles. This is about safely and securely storing, distributing, selling, using, and reuse the candles. This is a process in which the art of designing amazing, beautiful, and memorizing packaging is involved. So, the main purpose of the candle packaging is clear and obvious. 

Add to this; candle packaging is very helpful when you are about to transport your candle supplies, plan to warehouse, when logistics are involved and when you are showing products to the end-user. 

Benefits of having the right candle packaging boxes:

In the ancient era, baskets and reeds were being used as the packaging of the candles. But in the modern era, people are used to using recyclable and disposable packaging for candles. Now, these are used for marketing, branding, and printed with full colors. Moreover, candles are also packaged in the form of cans, and wooden made containers. From ab initio to today’s modern packaging, huge ideas of candle packaging were introduced, and ad hoc techniques are being applied to the candle packaging. 

Some of the major benefits of candle boxes packaging are listed below

Branding and positioning: 

When we talk about the labels and packaging stuff, then marketers think beyond the skies. They try to sell more and gain more. This comes just because of the branding and position of the manufacturer of the candle in the mind of the customers. This is one of the major benefits that are possible only because of the packaging of candles. It includes the;

  • Material of the box
  • Design approved for the candles
  • Brand development through the boxes
  • Exhibition of the flavor through packaging 
  • Telling the story of the brand through visual effects placed on the packaging 

Because of the following factors, the importance of packaging is ad infinitum now. 

Circulation and transmission of product knowledge: 

In the interim, the trends of labels and packaging have improved up to great power. These are actually communicating and transmitting the product knowledge in a variety of forms. 

  • Printed stuff on the candle boxes tells about the product knowledge
  • The logo tells about the brand
  • How to use instructions aware the customers about the use of candles
  • Transportation and recycling make aware the environment conscious people
  • Packaging also tells about the chemicals, ingredients, wax type, and expiry date of the candles
  • This information also tells about the government laws, certifications, bar codes, legislation matters, serial numbers, and best before dates, symbols, precautions, and tracking labels. 

All this information, either in the form of text or visuals, make people aware about the confusions in their mind. A bona fide view of such information consistently builds a brand, and you get more sales. A branded box manipulates the purchasing decision and buying decision of the customer. This grabs the attention of the potential buyers, and this constantly evolves the emotions of the customers. These are display at the point of sales and point of purchase. In extension, the graphic design on the box highlights the product concept. 

Physical protection of the candles:

In addition to other benefits, candle boxes packaging provide the best protection to the candles. During shipping and transportation, candles that are packe inside glass jars could be a break. So, Kraft, cardboard, and cushion material packaging help them inside jars. There are a series of threats face by the candles during transportation, storage, and warehousing. Few of the physical protections are list below;

  • Shocks may be mechanical
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Temperature changes and their effects
  • Vibrations

Good candle packaging is designe to protect inside candles from all sorts of physical protections. So, protective packaging is the de facto king of protection. 

Right custom candle boxes are convenient – here is how?

Customized candle boxes are more convenient for the customers. Such boxes have great features that make it easier for the customer to bring them anywhere. Because of ease inconvenience, custom printed candle boxes are convenient in the following tasks;

  • Very easy in distribution
  • Handling is very comfortable
  • Selling is easy 
  • Opening and re-packaging is much easier
  • Stacking is easy
  • Displaying among the shelves is easier
  • Reclosing, dispensing is easier
  • Recycling of eco-friendly material is mandatory and easier
  • These are easily dispose

Huge benefits and features make them convenient and reliable for the customers and suppliers. Thus, a good custom printed design of a candle is convenient for everyone. 

Different types of candle boxes you can start using today!

When it comes to packaging, there are different types of packaging. Before launching your wax sticks or candle manufacturing business, it is paramount to check the right type of packaging for you. For instance, retail candle boxes are different from transportation packaging. Here are few known types of candle boxes that are utilize in the journey, from start to finish. 

  • Transport packaging
  • Distribution packaging
  • Shipping containers
  • Consumer packaging

When it comes to the functions, then there are three layers of packaging types. These are;

  • Primary candle boxes packaging
  • Secondary candle boxes packaging
  • Tertiary candle boxes packaging

Primary packaging holds the containers, and it is just similar to the consumer and retail packaging. This is the smallest packaging unit, and it directly contacts the customers. Because of retail purposes, these are brand and purposeful. This is display on the shelves and colorful packaging that express the final output of candles. 

Secondary candle boxes contain several small units of primary packaging. Thus, it is the label and less brand. Candles are pack in them for shipping and storing purposes. So, these are mainly made up of Kraft paper.

Tertiary candle boxes are the best for warehousing, shipping, and large bulk candles. This one container may hold more than 100 secondary units. So, these are safe and made up of thick material. So, Kraft and corrugation are the safest materials use for tertiary materials. 

Other types of candle boxes designs you should try:

You are the manufacturer of the candles and deliver all sorts of candles across the globe. What you need is the protection and creative designs for the candles. Such designs grab the attention of the customer and build your brand. So, there are limitless designs and shapes assigned to the candle packaging. It is up to your product shapes, size, and requirements to get the right packaging box. Thus, we are sharing a few of the most common and unique designs and types of candle packaging. 

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