How to Check AirPods Battery Health

Apple AirPods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds designed for iPhones and iPad. But because they may be Bluetooth audio devices, you may additionally use them with just about every other laptop or smartphone; you may even pair AirPods with an Apple TV.

How to Check AirPod Battery on Apple iPhone or Apple iPad

If you are used to checking your laptop or phone’s battery life percent at a glance, you are probably amazed to discover that checking AirPod battery life is extra complicated.

There are sincerely 3 essential methods you may get a concept of ​​your AirPods usage percent, whether or not on an iPhone or iPad:

Use the automated pop-up function

This technique takes gain of the popup that looks while connecting to AirPods. The popup effectively mentions the AirPods with the aid of user name, in addition to the battery life percent for the left and proper earbuds and the AirPods case.

Here’s the best ways to make it work:

  • First, discover the iPhone/iPad that has been paired with AirPods before.
  • Turn on Bluetooth by tapping the Bluetooth icon in Control Center till it turns blue.
  • Open your AirPods case (with AirPods inside) close to your Bluetooth-enabled tool and wait for the pop-as much as seem close to the lowest of the display screen. Here you may see the battery status of your AirPods and charging case.

Use the battery widget

Since the auto-eject function most effectively works whilst you placed your AirPods in the case, we recommend putting in the battery widget instead. This enables you to keep away from the trouble of getting to hold your AirPods charging case with you all of the time to test your AirPods’ battery level.

Here’s a way to install the iOS battery widget:

  • Tap and preserve your finger on an empty part of the house screen till your app icons begin shaking.
  • Tap the icon “+” in the top left side of the device screen.
  • Scroll via the to-be-had widgets till you discover Battery. click on it.
  • Swipe left or proper to choose your favored widget, then tap + Add widget.
  • Drag the widget to your selected area and click on Done.

How to Check the Apple AirPod Battery on Mac?

Checking the AirPod battery stage for your Mac is as smooth as checking Bluetooth information. Here is the whole description:

  • Connect AirPods to your Mac.
  • Open Control Center.
  • Click Bluetooth. And discover your AirPods in the drop-down listing to look at the fee percent for the left and proper AirPods and the charging case.

How to keep Apple AirPods battery life

There’s not anything worse than a tired AirPods battery when you’re away from the charger. That’s why you need to make certain to keep battery life when you’re now no longer the usage of them. Here are a few useful hints to make certain your s are continually working.

Put your AirPods in the box

When you are now no longer the usage of your AirPods, you need to place them again in their case. The case charges them so that you know they may be ready to move whilst you want them.

Do now no longer open and near the case too often

If you open and near the AirPods case frequently, it’s going to lose battery life. It needs to most effectively become on while taking the earbud out or setting it again. If the case is open, it’s going to drain the battery.

Charge AirPods on Mac

  • Sure, you may charge your AirPods anywhere, however, they charge fastest while plugged into your Mac.
  • Reset your AirPods to fix battery drain issues
  • Your AirPods case can lose its battery because of a few issues. If your AirPods are draining power quicker than usual, reset them by urgent and preserve the settings button on the lowest of the AirPods case. Press and preserve it for approximately 15 seconds, then reconnect it to your device.

How to Check Apple AirPod Battery on Android Device?

It’s now no longer not possible to apply AirPods on an Android phone. However, as we referred to earlier, the usage of AirPods on Android isn’t always as seamless as the usage of AirPods on Apple devices. One of the unavailable capabilities is the local battery life check.

How to test the AirPod battery without connecting anything?

While the above strategies will permit you to measure the battery level of your AirPods correctly, you may begin to understand the condition of your battery by checking the case status light.

Depending on the model, the light could be at the front of the AirPods case or in the area in which the AirPods sit in the case.

How to test the battery fitness of your AirPods?

Anyone who has used an old laptop or phone is aware that a 100% fee can suggest fundamentally various things happen at special stages of a battery’s life cycle. Apple’s lithium-ion batteries are no exception.

Experts inform us that lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their capability from the instant they’re manufactured. Also, for the duration of charging, a few ions are left in the incorrect chamber. These ions disappear all the time from the battery’s general power supply.

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