Which is the higher airline Emirates v Etihad? : UAE

There is nobody right answer to the current because it very much depends on what you wish from your airline; what part of the plane can you be flying in? however necessary is earning airline points to you? Does one prefer to stop and find out of the airport? And in fact the apparent factors like aboard service, route connections and value.

We are a frequent-flying family that has lived within the UAE nearly seven years and flown each airline on various occasions in each cabin.

In this post we’ll take a close look at:

Who precisely ar the 2 UAE airlines and wherever ar they primarily based

Know before you fly Emirates Airline  and Etihad

  • The fleets – craft used
  • Baggage Allowances
  • Seat size & most popular seating choices
  • Economy category comparison on board
  • Entertainment systems
  • Family services
  • Meals
  • Airline Networks & Airline Awards
  • Emirates skyward v Etihad Guest Loyalty Programs
  • DXB to Abu Dhabi airports
  • Dubai v Emirates as stopover cities

What is the distinction between Emirates and Etihad?

It can be easier to debate their similarities 1st so place them on a map!

Both airlines ar carriers happiness to the United Arab Emirates – a Muslim country placed within the Arabian Gulf. Emirates was established in 1985 as the carrier for the Emirate of the city from the DXB flying field.

Etihad followed in 2003. it’s ultimately closely-held by the Government of Abu Dhabi and operates from Abu Dhabi International flying field (AUH). The 2 cities are some 160kms apart.

Note there’s no direct transport association between the 2 airports, nor do any flights operate between the 2.

Before you fly – Emirates v Etihad

Whilst on quality and whole name they’ll bump into quite similar, Emirates may be a so much larger airline cluster than Etihad. It has a fleet of 268 Airbus A380s and Boeing 777 planes, approximately thrice the size of Etihad’s (as of March 2019).

Emirates presently serves over a hundred and forty destinations in eighty five countries, creating it one amongst the most effective connected airlines within the world. you’ll be able to explore their full route map here.

Etihad serves seventy four destinations (at their peak they served over 110), employing a style of craft together with A380’s, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and a variety of A340, A330 and A320 craft. you’ll be able to check exactly that craft serves that route on SeatGuru.

In our review nowadays we tend to concentrate on Economy category offerings for each airlines.

Baggage Allowances – Emirates v Etihad

Emirates did an enormous shake-up on their baggage allowances in Gregorian calendar month 2019 (if you engaged your price ticket before the amendment please check direct with Emirates as completely different rules can apply). As of the time of commercial enterprise, this is often the 2 airlines aspect by aspect within the baggage stakes:

Emirates Baggage Policy

  • Business category 40kg
  • First Class 50kg

Etihad Baggage Policy*

  • Business category 40kg
  • First Class 50kg

There’s very not abundant separating them once it involves baggage. Each ar unbelievably generous with their customary Economy category fares. each have fairly that are introduced recently with cheaper price , ticket classes with reduced weight allowances encouraging carry-on solely.

Additional child Baggage Allowances

Emirates child Policy

  • Infants United States of America routes 23kg Bag
  • Infants all different routes +10kg
  • One carry-cot or one absolutely telescopic stroller as carry-on if cabin area is on the market, or check them at no further price

Etihad child Policy

  • Infants United States of America routes 23kg Bag
  • Infants all different routes +10kg
  • Guests up to eleven years could register one stroller, pushchair, baby’s bed or seat per kid.

Both airlines from our expertise are terribly generous at permitting quite one item per kid. we’ve flown with multiple automotive seats and strollers and not been turned away or asked to pay further. 

We have rather more on shaver services and managing infants on board below

Emirates v Etihad: Economy Seats

This all depends on that precise craft you’ve got, however i’m certain you’ll agree each in. matters once you’re travel long-term (and let’s be frank, nothing concerning flying economy is admittedly snug, simply tolerable).

Emirates economy seats live in with a seat pitch of 32″ to 34″ and dimension of 17″ – 18″, while Etihad vary from thirty one.5″ to 33″ and 31″ pitch on the A380 and a dimension of seventeen.5″ (though they’re presently upgrading the amount of additional area seats on their A380 fleet which is able to provides a provides a pitch).

It’s too on the brink of turning their customary economy seats as there are such a large amount of variables by craft. We tend to love the versatile headrest and U-shaped pillows on Etihad tho’, I believe this offers their economy seating the sting.

When viewing flight temporal arrangement, conjointly examine the craft that serves that slot as this may build a touch of distinction to you comfort.

Paying for most popular seats

Both airlines have currently brought in most popular seating fees that the majority passengers on economy tickets can ought to pay to ensure the seat of their selection. once years of not charging for this service, it had been inevitably about to happen….Learn More

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