Georgette material: All points about fabric

Georgette, a crepe fabric, was named after the renowned fashion designer Georgette de la Plante. It’s see-through, flimsy, and lacklustre in appearance. Georgette is a silk cloth that has been replaced by synthetic fibres like rayon and polyester to meet current fashion trends. The crinkly appearance is achieved by using highly twisted yarns with alternating S- and Z-twists in the warp and weft, thus the name. Fashion designers and boutiques buy this georgette in bulk fabric from fabric retailers. We also let you know where to buy wholesale fabric for your next purchase. 

Georgette fabric  

The dull-rough texture of georgette makes it simple to colour. It has a fluid texture and drapes well, making it ideal for baggy, voluminous clothes. Silk georgette is more fragile than its synthetic fibre counterparts, which can withstand greater wear and tear.

The delicate drape of chiffon served as inspiration for the creation of Georgette. The two most obvious distinctions are that it is more resilient and less shiny than chiffon. Here, you may learn more about the distinctions.

You may use either the printed or solid version of georgette for your next sari, evening dress, dress, or blouse. Strings, waist belts, bows, scarves, and veils are some of the other decorative items that may be made from the cloth. This fabric’s crushed or twisted appearance and feel usually serve to accentuate the wearer’s figure. It is now a standard component of formal and wedding attire.

Georgette material All points about fabric

Features of georgette fabric 

Lightweight: This fabric is very thin and lightweight and can be carried very comfortably. With this you can create dresses like maxi, midi and gowns that are flowy. As its lightweight also gives an airy look. 

Strong and durable: This fabric is also very durable in terms of its quality and can stay longer. You can wash very easily and can reuse the outfit. 

Absorbent: Another feature that made it ideal is its absorbent properties. Due to its nature of absorption, it soaks the dye well and gives a beautiful look. On the other hand, absorbent makes you cool during heating time.  

Crinkle: This is the quality that makes the fabric beautiful and elegant. This fabric get crinkle over time unlike chiffon. 

Better drape: georgette fabric gives better drape and look. With this you can slay with your curves and make your appearance eye-catching.

Use for home decor: This material could also be used for home furnishing and decoration. This material looks flowy and has nice drapes which make it potential for home decor.

Different kinds of georgette fabric 

  • Georgette – Sheer and grainy, this georgette is a classic. Crepe Georgette is the name for this fabric.
  • Double Georgette– Silk double georgette, a thicker kind of georgette, is transparent but still has a wonderful drape.
  • Stretch Georgette– There is more give in the fabric thanks to the addition of spandex or other elastic components to the weave of stretch georgette.
  • Satin Georgette– It’s made of a dense, satiny fabric called georgette. As a result, the satin weave used to make it makes fabric very shiny. There is a beautiful shine and it flows well.
  • Jacquard Georgette–Jacquard loom-woven georgette, or georgette in the jacquard style. Its designs are sturdy, long-lasting, and robust, and the fabric benefits from this.
  • Polyester Georgette– Georgette Fabric Made From 100% Polyester Polyester Georgette, often known as poly georgette, is just polyester Georgette.
  • Embroidered Georgette – Fabric that has been embroidered with sequins, beading, or threads is called “embroidered georgette.”


From this guide, I hope you collected the knowledge of georgette fabric and its types. Despite having so many qualities, this fabric has some cons too. You have to be very careful while washing this material. Dry clean and hand wash must be used for cleaning this fabric. Detergent should be mild as hard soaps can hamr fabric. Apart from these instructions, there is nothing considerable about georgette. So hurry up and buy georgette fabric today to create anything for yourself. You can approach fabriclore online store for authentic and heavy range of georgette. Here you can get every kind of wholesale fabric  with a plethora of varieties. We source our fabric from the authentic Fabric Manufacturer  that ensures quality. We also provide services as a fabric retailer in the UK, US and Canada etc. 

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