How Kfir Gavrieli and Tieks Give Back

Since 2008, Tieks has been beloved for producing high-quality, desirable designer flats. To Tieks CEO, Kfir Gavrieli, using the company’s platform to support philanthropic causes has been every bit as important as revolutionizing the fashion industry. From funding female entrepreneurs worldwide to the company’s latest #TieksforUkraine charity auction, there are plenty of steps that Kfir Gavrieli and Tieks have taken to make the world a better place.

Meals for Ukrainian Refugees

When Kfir Gavrieli heard about the plight of Ukrainian citizens displaced due to the ongoing conflict in their country, he knew that he’d found Tieks’ next philanthropic initiative. In April 2022, Tieks funded and hosted a virtual auction, offering limited edition and one-of-a-kind ballet flats to bidders eager to support the auction’s cause. Over four days, this rare shoe auction raised upwards of $87,000 which was donated to World Central Kitchen – celebrity chef, José Andrés’ nonprofit that’s providing meals to Ukrainian refugees. It’s estimated that the money raised from this auction will provide 20,000 free meals to families in Ukraine and across all eight border crossings, from Poland to Hungary.

The Gavrieli Foundation and Other Philanthropic Initiatives

Economic experts agree that empowering female entrepreneurs is one of the most effective ways to raise the quality of life in impoverished countries and communities. After researching the incredible impact of supporting female entrepreneurs, Kfir Gavrieli created The Gavrieli Foundation as a means for social change. Since its creation, The Gavrieli Foundation has contributed over $10 million to 55,000 deserving female entrepreneurs in 70 countries.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Gavrieli sprang into action, leveraging the Tieks supply chain to import N95 masks for front-line health care workers. When N95 supplies ran dry, Tieks mobilized its customer base to sew tens of thousands of handmade masks. Operation #SewTogether encouraged Tieks customers to sew masks by offering $50 gift cards for every 25 sewn and $100 gift cards for every 50. As a result, the Tieks community hand-made 40,000 masks that were provided to more than 500 hospitals and medical facilities across the country.

What the Future Holds in Store

Over the past decade, Tieks has established a reputation as a company committed to social causes. However, Tieks CEO Kfir Gavrieli isn’t resting on past accomplishments. Along with continuing The Gavrieli Foundation’s mission to fund female entrepreneurs, he’s constantly searching for the next deserving cause. Gavrieli’s philanthropy is much more than a pastime or a way to promote the Tieks brand — he sees it as a responsibility of anyone fortunate enough to be in his position.

As there’s no predicting what needs will materialize next, there’s no way to predict what Tieks’ next philanthropic initiative will be. One thing is certain: Kfir Gavrieli and Tieks are sure to be among the first to step up and take action whenever and wherever they’re needed.

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